Welcome to the Vila

The History Vila Santa Lucia

What is now Vila Santa Lucia, was in 1950 an old house of the Barcelonese bourgeoisie. The builder and owner saw the population of Rupit in full rural exodus, since its inhabitants decided to abandon the small town.

He decided to gather all the neighbors and convince them to stay and build together Vila Santa Lucia. Since then, it has been symbol of unity in the amongst the residents.

Built with blue stone characteristic of the area and retaining the original structure, he wanted to give it to his wife as a gift.

On the first floor, next to the fireplace and in front of the wonderful views, we find the original message "Ets a casa teva", "You are in your house".

Our philosophy is governed by this great pillar, making you feel at home in a privileged environment, surrounded by nature.

We create unique experiences respecting the nature that surrounds us.

Located in the medieval city of Rupit

Our location

Vila Santa Lucia is 100 kilometers from the city of Barcelona being an ideal place for a getaway and to spend a weekend in the Guilleries natural area.

Located at the top of the medieval city of Rupit, you can walk from the Vila to the center where you can enjoy the cobbled streets and corners with history.
The environment that surrounds us, together with the service and exclusivity of the rooms will ensure that you do not miss anything during your stay.

Feel at home surrounded by nature and explore the unique places of Collsacabra