Chef Restaurant and Gourmet Experience

We create gastronomy of proximity with the products that the environment offers us.

The Chef Restaurant of Vila Santa Lucia, is a charming place where you can enjoy an exquisite lunch or dinner with your partner, family and/or friends.

It is located on the main floor of the Vila, in the middle of the natural environment of Collsacabra where we offer seasonal and local products.

We fuse nature with the food that the earth provide us to create a perfect gastronomic combination for the senses.

Vila Santa Lucia Restaurant

Enjoy in a quiet environment to meet or share with your friends and family, we will make your experience unique.

This set of characteristics makes the restaurant of the Vila a very unique and exclusive destination near Barcelona.

If you are one of our guests, you can also savor our 100% organic breakfasts with local and seasonal ingredients.

Let yourself go and taste our balanced and Mediterranean creations, so that you feel at home with the highest quality standard.